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Real People, Real Tea

Tealightful is really all about how tea makes people feel. Our lives are so hectic, so over-scheduled, so busy — don’t you agree? Sipping a cup of tea, though, allows us to sit back and just simply BE..

At Tealightful we believe that the simple act of sipping tea can lift you up, help you feel energized and breathe a little easier. We create tea blends that will inspire you to live in the moment and be your best self.

After experiencing a "tea moment", you'll want to share it with everyone and that's how this works. There is a place here at Tealightful for EVERYONE!

We are made up of people who are passionate tea lovers and casual direct sellers all the way to full fledged team building tea queens and everything in between. Tealightful is here to support you on your tea journey!

FYI - All the photos you see on this website are people connected to Tealightful in some way. They are consultants, friends and family. Models are expensive and we would rather spend the money on the best quality tea and ingredients for you and your customers - Real People, Real Tea!

About You

Sharing is Tealightful!

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