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A Note From Our Founder...

It was November of 2000, I was five months pregnant with my second child, and I was determined to stay at home with my one year old and new baby. I knew this would put financial stress on my family, so I needed to think of a way to help contribute to our income at the same time. During the next few months I held several tea parties complete with fresh baked scones.

"Secret" Ingredients

It wasn't long before my husband joined the excitement. With his support and love, I decided to begin to make Scone Mixes from home. I loved experimenting with fun flavors like Cocoa Kisses and unique healthy "secret" ingredients like yogurt. And, Eric's packaging design experience and industry resources helped in the creation of the company's unique custom carton. I was on my way!

The Tea Party is Born

At this point I wasn't sure of the best way to distribute my product. One day it hit me, I would use my past experience as a direct sales CONSULTANT and market my scone mixes through home parties. This idea soon grew into an interest in the specialty tea industry, which grew into tea and scone tasting and our unique Tea Party experience!

Due to an overwhelming interest in my parties and numerous inquiries about how to become a Tealightful® Consultant, we decided to offer this unique opportunity to others. We now have consultants in 45 states across the USA! And, in addition to our unique line of artisan tea blends and signature scones, we also offer all natural cookie mixes, savory dips, dessert crèmes, tea ware and tea accessories.

Learning Anything is Possible

Tealightful® has empowered me to know that anything is possible with focus. You don't have to limit your vision based on limited options, but instead seek alternatives that suit your lifestyle. Tealightful® is now an opportunity for mothers like myself, who wish to stay home and raise their babies, or perhaps for women who need a fun and interesting social outlet, complimented by a part-time income.

In The News ...
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DSA Member Direct Selling Association
DSWA Corporate Member
Specialty Tea Institute

Founder & CEO Charlene Phillips

Our Future is Bright

The future of Tealightful® is bright. We are being recognized by national media organizations like USA Today and even featured on television. If you'd like an opportunity to share tea parties and products that promote the values of relaxation, tradition and friendship, I invite you to join our growing family of consultants.


Charlene Phillips
Founder & CEO

Take time for Tea


Tealightful® shares the joys of personal wellness, relaxation and comfort gained from a soothing cup of tea. Through our tea party experience we encourage the value of tradition and time spent with family and friends.

While providing superior quality products and service to our sales consultants and their customers, we promote and support an empowering career opportunity that encourages personal growth and success.


P.O. Box 24261
Rochester, NY 14624

Phone: (585) 436-9019
Fax: (585) 279-9766


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